Max Rael is a writer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer. He worked with various acts from the underground UK industrial scene of the 00's, he was part of the team that put on the Futurepunk and Back to the Futurepunk events.  He has remixed diverse artists such as Fish (ex-Marillion), Last July, Kommand + Kontrol and Bienheldenschafgegenstand

An uncanny knack for mining genres and extracting the essential gold, decoding it, digesting it and adding it to his previous knowledge and influences, leads to a thoroughly un-boundaried approach when it comes to creating his own music.  Although his work often seems drawn to darker themes, there remains a central core of hope, a belief in the cathartic power of music to heal himself and others.

He co-wrote and played keyboards on tracks for two albums for acclaimed experimental death metal band, The Meads of Asphodel, as well as producing a body of work with the bands Xykogen, Blue Label, SPUCKTUTE as well as being a founder-member of post-industrial mavericks History Of Guns.  He has also been a regular guest performer with the live incarnation of Action Directe.

His newest project is Raelism, an exploration into electronica via well-crafted melodies, imaginative beats and striking atmospheres.  The first release was Freedom Within the Prison in 2014, followed now by the hotly anticipated new EP, Back to the Battlefield.


"It is as if he has taken a pair of scissors and snipped up rock from the inside out."
- The Dreaded Press (review of History Of Guns album Acedia)

"In its entirety, Freedom Within the Prison's twists and turns are what make the thrill ever so special and engaging. Not knowing what to expect at any point just when you thought you figured it out is something to appreciate in a time when music can sound so samey. Volting through 80's synth electronica grassroots prove to be well under Rael's forte." - Ear Milk