The blue bird flies away
A talks ends with a kick
The sea is growing dark
Ants are crawling over our summer picnic

Big business closed the pub
A boy feels unimportant
The tree hangs it’s head
Tyler… can’t help you now

A tear falls in the snow
The sun goes down for good
A brittle shell breaks
A drunk forgets all that happened the night before

A bad mistake is made
A sentence gets confused
A heart breaks clean in two
A policeman hugs the sobbing lone survivor of a car crash

The winter chill is gone
The numbness goes away
A stopped clock starts
A couple make love in a cold room

A man cuts himself
The dying patient lives
A white witch heals the world
The audience claps half-heartedly

There is goodness in the world
The feathers hide the birds
A last chance gets wasted
Greying academics bury themselves with words

The missing girl is found
The gun goes off by mistake
A train is delayed
Ants are running riot all over our last supper

The veins stick out on an old lady's hand