Welcome to the world little c*nt
It’s just to start you breathing little c*nt
Wipe that look of wonder off your face
You won’t believe what’s waiting... for you

Your purity disgusts us
Your purity disgusts us
Your purity disgusts us
And it ends... NOW

This first lesson at school is, “SHUT THE F*CK UP”
The second lesson is don’t be too clever
The third lesson is how to hide yourself
The last lesson is all about compass art

Born, brutalised, bought then buried

Finally free from forced education, little c*nt
Inked up and ready to live your life
Your first nervous day at work, time flies by,
Smiles on payday, buy the drinks, wait for your dreams to start
- years flash by -- watch your whole life drain away -
You sold yourself off piece by piece and
and no matter how hard you work 
there’s never ever gonna be quite enough

Born, brutalised, bought then buried

Until you’re spat out... knackered...
they bought almost all your life from you
and now they reject the little that’s left
and what’ve you got to show for yourself?

Born, brutalised, bought then buried

And now you’re a burden
They don’t need to say, you know
They all want you dead and over and gone
A world full of technology you can’t understand
Then you have a little fall so they they force you to a home
to be 'looked after'... to be force fed cold stale food...
to be mocked, patronised and abused at bathtime

They want you dead and you want you dead
You wait for it to come, you pray
Every night, please please take me, take me, take me away from this, please whatever happens just take me away


(c) max rael